Company: Gadget Express
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Dubai, UAE
Job Type: IT

Job Summary

We value your time, so we aim to respond to all applicants within five working days, whether you are successful or not. If you make it through the initial selection process you will have a conversation with a member of the Talent Acquisition team to broadly discuss your experience and interests, assess your compatibility with our values and culture, as well as try to answer your questions about Company. After this you will have a technical interview with someone from the team you would be working in to take a deeper dive into your skills.

If the process continues, and you make it to the final round of interviews, you will meet with your peers in other business units, as well as with the Head of Cyber Services and other executives before we make a decision.


You will be responsible for the overall vision, management and technical operation of our research, testing and validation labs. This job requires nurturing of our client base and building a positive working relationships through the identification, execution, and delivery of research and testing work. With the support of your research directors you will supervise the development of research and test plans, and schedule vulnerability research and private bounty development and findings. You will have overall responsibility for ensuring lab analysts, processes, tools and technology meet and exceed all relevant international standards and that test/validation activities are in accordance with all applicable standards and methodologies.

Required Sills

The ideal candidate will combine extensive lab environment experience, with great commercial and people management skills and instincts, and a personal curiosity in all things cyber security. You must be able to engage with clients strategically and with your technical teams on a personal and technical level. You will relish the opportunity of creating something unique in the region and the chance to build a world class facility that goes beyond mundane common criteria or standard-based testing

At a minimum you will be Master’s degree qualified in either a Security, Computer Science or Information Technology field with 10+ years in Testing & Validation. You will have proven experience in a variety of testing environments with a solid background in QA/QE testing (functional (API and UI), automation, white box/black box, integration, system, RAS, performance, security) and a deep knowledge in Crypto, Software, Hardware & Mobile areas.

In an ideal world you will have built a testing lab & infrastructure from scratch.

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