Company: iTalent
Employment Type: Full Time
Education Level: PHD/Doctorate
Experience: 2 Years
Location: Dubai, UAE
Job Type: Medical

Job Summary

Each of our Physicians commits themselves to practicing mindful medicine and treating patients like people rather than numbers. Patients value Physicians who spent time with them and express genuine concern about their ailments and quality of life. That’s what we are looking for: a Physician who can contribute companionate, patient-centered care in our internal medicine practice. If you enjoy getting to know your patients on a personal level, we are interested in meeting with you. We run a laid-back but highly efficient office and we help one another with our work-loads when necessary.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Develop a roster of patients by providing compassionate, holistic care
  2. Meet with patients to assess their symptoms; inquire into the nature of their illness or injury
  3. Accurately identify and diagnose medical conditions
  4. Thoroughly examine patients and attend to their chief complaint
  5. Answer and advise on any other questions or concerns the patient might have
  6. Assign appropriate treatment plan according to each patient’s needs
  7. Educate and inform patient of necessary treatment plan and any follow-up appointments
  8. Perform clinical tests to better inform diagnosis
  9. Perform in-office treatment if possible
  10. Look for anything unusual or abnormal
  11. Prescribe appropriate medicines or therapy
  12. Calculate correct medication dosage for each patient and educate on proper use
  13. Order diagnostic tests and lab work as needed (blood/urine test, tissue samples, imagery, etc.)
  14. Analyze and share results of diagnostic testing with patient
  15. Continually chart and maintain patient information on paper and in computer system
  16. Conduct follow-ups with patients to monitor and track their condition and progress
  17. Refer patient to a medical specialist when needed
  18. Maintain confidentiality and always work with respect and integrity
  19. Encourage preventative health measures including proper diet, rest and exercise
  20. Direct, train, and supervise medical staff including nurses, physician assistants, and med techs on proper procedures and protocol
  21. Attend conferences and continue research in his or her field to stay abreast of medical innovations and breakthroughs
  22. Explain all medical procedures thoroughly
  23. Explain test results and provide patients with plan of care details
  24. Consult with other physicians about each patient’s specific needs

Quality Assurance

  1. Participate in departmental quality improvement and patient safety programs
  2. Attend planned in house quality improvements
  3. Understand, comply and participate in healthcare Quality, Risk management, Safety,
  4. Infection prevention program
  5. Report any Occurrence Variance in during duty timings
  6. Understand and fully comply with Regulatory and accreditation bodies requirements
  7. Any other duties assigned by the In charge/HOD as per exigencies of work


  1. Participate in patient safety programs
  2. Attend planned safety trainings. (Fire & Safety, Mock Drills etc)


  1. Doctorate in Medicine (M.D. or D.O.)
  2. Valid HAAD license to practice; board certified is a plus
  3. No board sanctions or actions in last 10 years
  4. 2+ years practicing medicine in hospital or private practice
  5. Experience treating lifestyle-related disorders preferred
  6. Adept at diagnosing problems and creating treatment plans for patients
  7. Highly computer literate and familiar with charting
  8. Excels in communicating sensitive and/or adverse information
  9. Sound judgment and expert decision-making abilities
  10. Analytical thinker and complex problem solver
  11. Physical Healthy
  12. HAAD / DHA License, BLS

About Company

italent has been around since 2012, when we saw that businesses needed better talent solutions for their employment requirements. By focusing our efforts on quality products and services that are simple-to-use and innovative, our team brings you the best results without any unexpected additional costs and unnecessary complications. Simply put, we love helping businesses find and keep the right people.